Bongo Development
Water, sanitation and education for rural Ghana  

Bongo Development is a small, Cambridge-based charity. Our aim is:

To relieve poverty and promote health and development in rural areas of Ghana, by means including the provision of improved sanitation, water supply and education.

Information on how we pursue our aims is given on the How we work page.

Our primary goal
Finished latrine in Nayorigo
We provide household latrines to rural communities in Ghana. Our initial target was the Bongo district in the North of Ghana but now our work is primarily in the Ho district in the Volta region of Ghana. Increased access to sanitation, together with hygiene training, improves the health of the villagers primarily through the reduction of potentialy fatal diarrhea.

360 household latrines and a block of 6 latrines for a school so far...
Our secondary goals
Have School
As appropriate, and depending on funding, we also assist with
  • Drinking water issues. We have provided 2 pumped water wells and assisted in the repair of two more.
  • Education. We have partly funded a student who worked with us as a volunteer.
  • Hygiene. In 2023 we provided kits for reusable sanitary towels for all applicable girls in the local school. This greatly improves their daily lives as well as helping them to attend school throughout the month. This should lead to greater education levels amongst the girls of the village.
Our thanks
We would like to thank everyone who has already made donations.